1. Hi Libby,
    Very nice work. Great detail in drawing and painting. Let me know if I can exhibit some of your work at my virtual museum. Would link exhibit to your website.
    Just installed a LA Ballet art film (top, middle column) of Rochelle photos I managed to grab as parent-audience. Yah, precious memories are made from these. Yeah, great news- Rochelle got call and invited to return for the 2015 season in LA. So our “kids” will be dancing together again!
    While at my website, scroll down a bit (central column again, new stuff placed there) and see my orchid film. Got about 150 plants now, and growing….


  2. As a fellow artist, you might enjoy checking my visit to LACMA across the street from the ballet building-


    OF SPECIAL NOTE: Visitors are permitted to photograph most exhibitions at the museum. Many were observed taking “selfies” standing next to artwork. So I did my thing. I stood in the middle of a large field painting by Morris Louis. Interesting, the central white field served as background for my figure portrait, with the work’s side painting strokes functioning as framing decor. Then I took a photo of the masterpiece without figurative intrusion. In the video, note how after the figure is gone, the work of art looks like it’s missing something. Field Painting’s historic concept of Painting simply as paint as material that is placed upon canvas merely as background plane, is challenged by removal of the supplemental element that transforms the work to a frame of reference for the human figure. – Dr. Rodney Chang, art psychologist

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