1. David Poland

    I found you on Google and liked the field mouse. It is close to what I am looking for.

    I need illustrations for a few childrens book. I would like 10 – 20 ink illustrations for the first book titled “Ratdog.” There are two other books near completion in the Ratdog series.

    What would you charge for each illustration and the book cover. The cover would be in color.
    Reggie: Big eyed timid Chihuahua that resembles a rat. Long ears, long whiskers, thin snout and a tuft of fur on the end of his long thin tail.

    • Thanks for contacting me David. I can send you a price list. Why don’t you send
      me more information. My email is libbyparsons42@gmail.com. Do you want fairly realistic illustrations like the field mouse?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Libby Parsons

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